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Bluegrass Unlimited's Podcast

Jun 26, 2024

This week we feature banjo player, singer and songwriter Alan O'Bryant of the Nashville Bluegrass Band.  We talk with Alan about his early days in North Carolina, his move to Nashville and early experiences there working with James Monroe, his years with the Nashville Bluegrass Band and then we move on to talk about...

Jun 20, 2024

This week we feature singer, guitar player and bass player Terry Eldredge.  Terry has had a long career in bluegrass and has spent time in bands with a number of our first generation bluegrass heroes.  He was also a founding member of The Sidemen and The Grascals.  He is currently performing with The Farm Hands.  We...

Jun 13, 2024

This week we feature singer, songwriter, producer and guitar player Jon Randall.  Jon will be best known to bluegrass fans as a member of Emmylou Harris' band and then as a member of the Sam Bush Band.  He is also a very successful songwriter and producer in Nashville and back in 2010 he produced a bluegrass album for...

Jun 6, 2024

This week we feature mandolin player Jesse Brock.  Jesse is currently a member of Authentic Unlimited and the band has two new albums out.  We talk with Jesse about his career leading up to performing with Authentic Unlimited and you'll have a chance to hear a few tracks from the band's new recordings.