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Bluegrass Unlimited's Podcast

Dec 16, 2020

This week's Podcast features banjo legend Alan Munde. Alan has a long history in bluegrass music starting back in the 1960s with Poor Richard’s Almanac and then Jimmy Martin.  He spent a short time with the Flying Burrito Brothers, toured in Europe with the New Kentucky Colonels, and, starting in 1972, was long-time member of the Country Gazette. In 1986 Alan joined the faculty of South Plains College and taught bluegrass music there for over twenty-years.  He currently teaches at various music camps and workshops and performs with the Alan Munde Gazette.  In this podcast we focus on Alan’s early experiences with bluegrass music, his time with Jimmy Martin, and discuss his thoughts about some of the early bluegrass bands.  You will also hear Alan play is wonderful arrangement of “Durang’s Hornpipe.”